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Thursday, Apr 19, 2018
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Ambassador for Peace
from Africa 2009

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Metropolitan Who's Who

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Knight of the Year 2008-2009


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Help us support the Needy! Donate Money, Building Materials, Home Appliances, Food, Clothing, Shoes, Books and what have you. We will pick up your donations where applicable.
Thank You!
Speedy Community & Housing Development

Housing & Community Development

We are a not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to helping under-privileged children and families with the basic necessities to stay alive and make a meaningful living. With generous donations we receive from people like you, we provide housing, food , clothing, shoes, etc. ton the desperately needy families & children in various communities around the world.

Housing & Community Development

We are compassionate in helping the elderly, the less-privileged, the sick, and disabled veterans with quality shelter &n housing through community efforts and donations from the general public. We also promote, finance, and support a broad range of housing solutions, from temporary shelters to home ownership. The objective of this effort is to help enhance the quality of life of the most vulnerable among us with decent housing opportunities, which in turn promotes the economic vitality of the community.


We accept both material and professional donations to accomplish this objective. You can donate any type of building material, appliances or volunteer your expertise in home construction, etc.

Donating Money

No matter how much you give, donating will improve the live of a child in your community. 97% of all proceeds goes into assisting the less fortunate. The remainder covers overall program administration. Please call or contact us to make a donation today.


Donating Food

You can help keep a child from going hungry today. We accept donation of non-perishable food and grocery products. We distribute them to less fortunate families for at least a meal a day.


Donating Clothing

Used or new, we accept clothing of all types and sizes. Considering uncluttering your closets and dressers, that which may be nothing to you can go a long way covering a child elsewhere.


Donating Shoes

We collect gently worn shoes and distribute them to those in need around the world. We cannot put shoes on the feet of the less fortunate without YOU!

Donating Books

Books, computers, pencils and other school supplies are in dire need in sub-Shaan Africa and in most 3rd world countries. Make an impact on a child's life - a little to you is life to another.


Speedy Community and
Housing Development, Inc.

606 Oriole Blvd., Suite 102
Duncanville, Texas 75116.
Phone: (682) 556-7342
Phone: (817) 8912676
Fax: (972) 708-9292